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This page is not "ugly"... it is classic ;-)

Back in the days before a colon followed by a dash followed by a right parenthesis would automatically generate a yellow circle with a face,
THIS is what websites looked like! Not only that, but with the exception of a few lines in the HyperText Markup Language (HTML) that makes this webpage appear before you, this is what HTML 1.0 allowed webpage builders to do.

What will Version 1.0 look like for the language that creates the first truly General Artificial Intelligence? Even better, how will we code the first Augmented Intelligence systems that interface directly with humans?

We like to remember what came before as we create the technologies of postmorrow (which, coincidentally, will rely less on visual design and more about feeding "attractive" content more directly to the mind. But more about that later as we continue building "Version 1.0" of these technologies.

And what of Version 2.0? Well, as every self respecting futurist knows, if we are successful at creating Version 1.0 of intelligence infrastructure then we will not be the ones building Version 2.0; IT will! ;-)

About the Company

Clients of The Industrial Imagination Company change the world by solving its grandest challenges. We build their tools, leveraging the experience of our global workforce in forging digital tools and infrastructure.

We are, as our slogan goes, engineers and purveyors of computation and augmented _ntelligence.

Products & Services

Bespoke Work

The Industrial Imagination Company selectively engages in works-for-hire in the areas of software development and digital/intelligence infrastructure. Typically these engagements are by referral from existing clients.

In order to attract world-class talent to work for us (for you) we must offer compensation (salaries) commensurate with the amazing capabilities our workforce brings to our company. To allow this, our minimum engagement is US$50,000.

You might judge that to be an insane amount for a company who, by the looks of it, appears trapped in early 1990's web technologies! But it takes a touch of insanity to see a work of art when looking at a blank canvas...

It takes a touch of insanity to see what can be over what has been:

(from disorganized paper medical records in a resource limited setting to a state-of-the-art electronic medical records system developed specifically for resource limited settings... oh, and just a little bit of 21st century coding sprinkled in the above HTML ;-)



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