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Why this "ugly" page?

This isn't "ugly", it is "classic" :-)

Back in the days before a colon followed by a dash followed by a right parenthesis would automatically generate a yellow circle with a face,
THIS is what websites looked like! Not only that, but with the exception of a few lines in this HTML, this is what HTML 1.0 allowed webpage builders to do.

What will Version 1.0 look like for the language that creates the first truly General Artificial Intelligence? Even better, how will we code the first Augmented Intelligence systems that interface directly with humans?

We like to remember what came before as we create the technologies of postmorrow (which, coincidentally, will rely less on visual design and more about feeding "attractive" content more directly to the mind. But more about that later as working on building "Version 1.0" of these technologies.

And what of Version 2.0? Well, as every self respecting futurist knows, if we are successful at creating Version 1.0 intelligence infrastructure then we will not be the ones building Version 2.0, IT will! ;-)

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Clients of The Industrial Imagination Company act in bold defiance of the status quo, propelling humanity forward and solving the world's grandest challenges by using computational infrastructure engineered by our global workforce.

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